Sunday, September 1, 2013

Oklahoma City Beat Memphis 5-4 In 11 Innings: Jamie Romak Singles, Doubles, & Drives In Two Runs; Travis Tartamells Collects Two Singles & One RBI; Boone Whiting Strikes Out Three & Picks One Runner Off Over Six Scoreless Innings

Individual Highlights:
Mike O'Neill 1-for-4 with one double, two runs, one walk, one sacrifice, and one strikeout.
Ryan Jackson 1-for-2 with one run and one hit by pitch.
Brock Peterson 1-for-4 with one two-out RBI, one walk, one strikeout, and assisted in one double play.
Jamie Romak 2-for-5 with one double, two two-out RBIs, one strikeout, and one caught stealing.
Jermaine Curtis 2-for-5 with one double, one run, one strikeout, and assisted in one double play.
Justin Christian 2-for-5 with one double and grounded into one double play.
Travis Tartamella 2-for-5 with one RBI.
Boone Whiting started and pitched six innings.  He allowed six hits, no runs, one walk, struck three out, and picked one runner off.  (p-s:94-59)(g/f:4-4)
Lee Stoppelman entered in the seventh and pitched one inning.  He allowed one hit, no runs, one walk, and struck one out for the hold (1).  (p-s:17-11)(g/f:2-0)

Rough Outing:
James Ramsey 0-for-3 with one strikeout.
Chad Huffman 0-for-4 with one walk and three strikeouts.
Jorge Rondon entered in the eighth and pitched 1.2 innings.  He allowed three hits and two earned runs for the hold (9).  (p-s:27-16)(g/f:2-1)
Keith Butler entered in the ninth and pitched 1.1 innings.  He allowed two hits, two earned runs, one home run, and struck three out for the blown save (4).  (p-s:29-16)(g/f:1-0)(ir-s:2-2)
Nick Greenwood entered in the eleventh and pitched to four batters.  He allowed two hits, one earned run, one intentional walk for the losing decision (2-8).  (p-s:9-4)(g/f:1-0)
Kevin Thomas entered in the eleventh and pitched to one batter.  He allowed one hit and no runs.  (p-s:3-2)(ir-s:3-1)

Former Cardinals:
Jose Martinez 3-for-6 with one home run, four RBIs (three w/two-outs), one run, and assisted in one double play.

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