Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Sign Petition To Free Wilfredo Pujols, Jr.

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MsPu said...

Hey, guys. I really appreciate this!! I’m Wilkenia Pujols, Wilfredo’s sister. It would mean the world to me, for my nieces and sister in law to have their man, back home after these tough, 12 years without him!! Please sign our petition for his early release upon completion of 85% of his sentence. Just asking for what he has earned but they’ve unjustly denied him. :( <3 Thank you, all.

Por favor firmen la peticiĆ³n, que asegurara que mi hermano regrese a nosotros, su familia, tan pronto cumpla 85% de su condena. El se lo a ganado y se lo han denegado, injustamente! Muchas gracias; bendiciones.