Saturday, August 5, 2017

DSL: Twins Beat Cardinals In Seven Innings: Francisco Hernandez Drives In One Run; Dionis Zamora Strikes Out Three & Allows One Run Over Three Innings; Luis Montano Walks Twice

Individual Highlights:
Raffy Ozuna started as designated hitter and batted third.  1-for-3 with one run and one strikeout.
Freddy DeJesus started at first base and batted fourth.  1-for-3 with two strikeouts and assisted in one double play.
Francisco Hernandez started at third base and batted fifth.  0-for-2 with one walk, one sac fly, one strikeout, and one fielding error.
Luis Montano started in right field and batted seventh.  0-for-1 with two walks.
Joyser Garcia started at catcher and batted eighth.  1-for-2 with one ground into double play and allowed two stolen bases.
Dionis Zamora entered in the third and pitched three innings.  He allowed one hit, one earned run, two walks, hit one batter, and struck three out.  (g/f:4-1)
Roy Garcia entered in the sixth and pitched one inning.  He allowed one hit, no runs, one walk, and struck one out.  (g/f:2-0)
Nelson Prada entered in the seventh and pitched one inning.  He allowed no hits or runs, one walk, and struck one out.  (g/f:1-0)

Rough Outing:
Rest Of The Team

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