Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Palm Beach Beat Dunedin 1-0: Ryan Helsley Strikes Out Eight Over Six & Two-Thirds Scoreless Innings For The Win; Dailyn Martinez Strikes Out Three Over One & A Third Scoreless Innings For The Hold; Ramon Santos Strikes Out One Over One Scoreless Inning For The Save

Individual Highlights:
Darren Seferina started at third base and batted leadoff.  0-for-3 with one walk and two strikeouts.
Randy Arozarena started in left field and batted third.  0-for-2 with one hit by pitch.
Chris Chinea started at catcher and batted fourth.  2-for-3 with one double, grounded into one double play, and allowed two stolen bases.
Thomas Spitz started in right field and batted sixth.  1-for-3 with one run.
Leobaldo Pina started at first base and batted seventh.  1-for-3 with one double, two strikeouts, and assisted in one double play.
Ryan Helsley started and pitched 6.2 innings.  He allowed two hits, no runs, one walk, threw one wild pitch, and struck eight out for the winning decision (6-2).  (p-s:91-64)(g/f:8-2)
Dailyn Martinez entered in the seventh and pitched 1.1 innings.  He allowed one hit, no runs, one walk, and struck three out for the hold (4).  (p-s:28-19)(g/f:1-0)
Ramon Santos entered in the ninth and pitched one inning.  He allowed one hit, no runs, one walk, and struck one out for the save (3).  (p-s:19-10)(g/f:1-0)

Rough Outing:
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