Wednesday, June 21, 2017

DSL: Nationals Beat Cardinals 3-2 In Rain Shortened Six Innings: Alexander Samuel Singles & Drives In One Run; Pablo Gomez Singles Twice & Walks; Diomedes Del Rio Singles

Individual Highlights:
Erik Pena started at second base and batted leadoff.  0-for-2 with one walk and one strikeout.
Pablo Gomez started at third base and batted second.  2-for-2 with one walk and was picked off.
Victor Garcia started in right field and batted fourth.  0-for-1 with one hit by pitch and grounded into one double play.
William Jimenez started in left field and batted fifth.  0-for-1 with one run, one walk, one stolen base, and one strikeout.
Alexander Samuel started as designated hitter and batted eighth.  1-for-2 with one two-out RBI, one strikeout, and was picked off.
Diomedes Del Rio started in centerfield and batted ninth.  1-for-2 with one run and one strikeout.

Rough Outing:
Rest Of The Team


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