Sunday, March 19, 2017

Former Cardinals Draft Selections Playing In College 3-19-17: Pat Krall Strikes Out Four & Allows One Run Over Seven Innings For The Win; Jackson Lamb Sits Two Batters & Holds Two Inherited Runners On Base For The Win; Matt Vierling Collects Two Singles, Two Doubles, & One Walk In Doubleheader

Cade Cabbiness (former 2016 draft selection-Oklahoma St) started as designated hitter and batted sixth.  0-for-3 at the plate.

Oklahoma St beat Northwestern St 15-4

Parker Kelly (former 2015 draft selection-Oregon) entered in the seventh and pitched 1.2 innings.  He allowed two hits, two earned runs, and struck two out.  (g/f:0-3)

California beat Oregon 4-1

Pat Krall (former 2016 draft selection-Clemson) started and pitched seven innings.  He allowed five hits, one earned run, two walks, hit one batter, threw one wild pitch, and struck four out for the winning decision (3-0).

Clemson beat Virginia 12-1

Jackson Lamb (former 2016 draft selection-Michigan) entered in the ninth and pitched to two batters.  He allowed no hits or runs for the winning decision (2-0).  (p-s:12-8)(ir-s:2-0)

Michigan beat Northern Illinois 7-4 in game one of doubleheader

Ryan Merrill (former 2015 draft selection-Texas Christian) started at shortstop and batted eighth.  0-for-3 with one run, one walk, and two strikeouts.

Kansas beat Texas Christian 4-3

Matt Vierling (former 2015 draft selection-Notre Dame) started in centerfield and moved to pitcher, batting fourth.  2-for-4 with one double, one run, and one walk.  Pitched four innings of relief and allowed five hits, two earned runs, hit one batter, and struck one out for the winning decision (1-0).  (p-s:44-31)(g/f:5-4)

Notre Dame beat Pittsburgh 4-3 in 11 innings in game one of doubleheader

Matt Vierling (former 2015 draft selection-Notre Dame) started in centerfield and batted fourth.  2-for-5 with one double and two strikeouts.

Pittsburgh beat Notre Dame 2-1 in game two of doubleheader

Jeremy Ydens (former 2016 draft selection-UCLA) started in left field and moved to right, batting second.  1-for-5 with two runs, one strikeout, an committed one error.

UCLA beat Arizona 8-7 in 10 innings

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