Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Jeff Passan On The Morning After 9-4-13

Jeff Passan joins us, Do you have concerns with the Cardinals right now?, If you don't outscore your opponent than you're not going to win many games, Were you surprised the Cardinals stood pat on the trade front?, Starting pitching has a hefty price, Dan Haren gives up home runs and is hittable, Attendance problems, Fans owe the team to show up at least once, #BFIB, Let's go through realistic situations, The Dodgers are built to be the favorite, So many executives says just get to the postseason and hope, You're turning into a Violet, I don't think you can say sucked down the chocolate pipe on this show, Willy Wonka analogies, How many teams actually have a chance?, What do you think about the playoff system?, New CBS Sports 920 member!

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