Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Joe Kelly On The Morning After Show 6-4-13

I Like This Song Zac, We Have This Story From The Daily Mail, A Woman Dropped Seven Stone After She Got Out Of Her Marriage, A Stone Is 14 Pounds, Do You Think They Have Chocodiles Over There?, So She Had Three Snacks A Day?, And The Husband Was To Blame?, Cardinals Pitcher Joe Kelly Joins Us Even Though He Probably Doesn't Want To, This Is Just Another Start For You Tomorrow Night Right?, Do You Think Shelby Has Changed Since He Has Had Success This Year?, How Big Of A Challenge Has It Been For You To Get Back To Where You Were Last Year With The Lack Of Usage You've Gotten This Season?, Which One Of Your Teammates Is Probably The Biggest Dunce?, What Do You Think His Line Will Be Tomorrow?, I Think We Have Time For One More Story, Milton Bradley Has Been Convicted Of Abusing His Wife And Could Face Seven Years In Prison

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